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About Us

Over 30 years ago S&B Filters started with a simple mission:

"to become a manufacturer of the most technically advanced high performance filters on the market".

Our commitment to the race community allows us to develop products that feature incredibly high efficiency ratings and tremendously low airflow restriction.

We bust knuckles with the best engine builders in the industry to deliver a product that supplies what they crave: a filter that delivers performance advantages without sacrificing engine protection. We succeed by keeping our production capabilities on the front-edge of technology, and never, ever, waver from our goal of producing a high performance air filter that tests better than any other manufacturer. And even today, we are still pushing other manufacturers to test to our standards.

Exceptional design, leading-edge manufacturing and a commitment to thorough research and development allows us to continue to make advancements within the high performance category.

We Actually Make It

Born in the USA

Million Mile Warranty

Drive around the earth 40 times

ISO 5011 Testing

Tested to the highest standard


S&B's Latest Technological Advancements

5 Axis CNC Machine allowing us to fabricate all our own parts and ensure strict quality control over the CNC Parts going into our customers trucks.

Improvements in operational and assembly line procedures virtually eliminating human error from assembly line in assembling and packaging our products

Our completely reinvented cleaning kit for our oiled filters allowing our customers to more accurately measure and oil their filters.

We've implemented the use of OE Diagnostic Software and Hardware that allows us to more accurately tune our intakes to vehicles and prevent those dreaded check engine lights.