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Truck Particle Separator

Truck Particle Separator | 75-7001

Air Filtration That Keeps Your Truck’s Filter Clean

Driving in dusty conditions requires the constant maintenance of the stock air filter or engine damage will occur. Inspired by the separators used by military helicopters to land in the desert, the Truck Particle Separator allows your air filter to last over 25x longer. With dramatically fewer filter changes, you can focus on work and be confident that your truck’s engine is properly protected.

2017+ Ford Powerstroke 6.7L

Drive 25x Longer With The Same Air Filter

In dusty environments, the stock air filter clogs quickly requiring it to be serviced. Failure to service a clogged filter can collapse the filter and/or allow dirt to bypass the filter due to increased pressure. The Truck Particle Separator keeps your filter cleaner, longer. They type of dust varies depending on your geographic location, so results will vary. That being said, you will see a dramatic improvment versus your stock system.

Dirty Air Becomes Clean

As you drive, the dirty air enters the Truck Particle Separator's 49 vortex tubes where centrifugal force (acceleration) throws the dust against the outer sides of the tube where it exits through a rear slot, then ejected by a specially rated savenge fan. The clean air continues forward through the tube, which is centered inside the vortex.

The Truck Particle Separator keeps your filter cleaner, longer by removing the dust from the air before it reaches your filter.

More Clean Air Sent To Your Air Filter

Designed To Work With A Stock Truck

The Truck Particle Separator replaces the entire stock intake (box, tube & filter) and most installs can be completed in less than 2 hours with no drilling required. It uses the stock filter minder, so you can quickly and accurately determine when your filter needs to be serviced. The system’s quick access latches allow the air filter to be changes in less than 60 seconds without needing any tools.

Launching December 2018

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