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Clutch Particle Separator

S&B Clutch Particle Separator
Clutch Particle Separator | 76-5000

Get More Airflow To Your UTV's Clutch

The airflow on the Polaris RZR clutch is very sensitive to restriction. The S&B Clutch Particle Separator flows the same amount of air as a clean stock Frogskin. In dusty environments, the Frogskin quickly clogs, restricting airflow. The Clutch Particle Separator maintains the same airflow throughout your ride while ejecting over 80% of the dust. The result is your belt will stay cooler, and the metal components in your clutch will last longer.

Clutch PS Exploded View

Maintains the same airflow as a clean Frogskin for cooler belt temperatures.

Clutch PS Angled
Clutch Particle Separator Angled

Ejects 80% of the dust minimizing the deterioration of metal clutch components.

Launching Soon

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